Samstag, 2. Januar 2021

Immer wieder erreichen uns viele, viele Danksagungen.

Es beschämt uns, dass sie bisher nur an uns gerichtet waren. In meinen letzten Mails bat ich deshalb sowohl unseren Pastor, als auch eine der Kindergartenleiterinnen, den vielen Sponsoren zu danken, die unsere Arbeit in erheblichen Maße fruchtbar machen.

Hier der Brief von unserem Pastor David Coleman, der die Geschicke in SA in finanziellem Verteilen der Gelder für uns lenkt:

Dear Angelika , Gabriele and all involved in Noluthando's

On behalf of many in the Hout Bay community we thank you for your generosity throughout this difficult and challenging year. Covid 19 has caused much damage to many peoples livelihoods in Hout Bay and in general across South Africa. Life is hard for many and government assistance is totally inadequate. You wonderful people have been saviours to many people in the Imizamo Yethu and Hangberg communities. We are grateful to you that we have been able to sustainably feed 45 = 50 families a week. Each family represents approximately 7 people. In numbers it means that approximately 12600 people have received sufficient nutrition via the food parcels that have been distributed. Over the Christmas week we fed 100 families. All thanks to your generosity. With one in four people being unemployed the situation is dire, but you have made a difference in people's lives. 
In these communities many people live in 3mx 3m tin shacks. These shacks catch fire due to illegal electricity connections and in these fires up to 100 families lose their homes and many lose everything they have. Your kindness has enabled us to supply beds and mattresses to some of them as well as assist with getting them on their feet with electricity and new cards for the bus transport. Many of the people also got helped with additional food as well. 

With Covid, sanitising is very important. In the townships 40 people share a toilet and a tap for water.  You have helped to supply sanitiser for the toilets, for creches and the community centre where public meetings take place. 

In order to distribute food and assist people we mobilised churches as the people in these organizations volunteered their services and ensured that the food got to people in need.

May God bless you for thinking and caring for those in need.

We wish you all a healthy and prosperous 2021. 
David Coleman

Und ein weiterer Brief von einer Leiterin eines unserer Kindergärten:

To the sponsors of Wavecrest educare children:

Happy new year.
Thank you for your support in sponsoring our children.
In our cetre we try to give the children all the basics needs and every day twice food.
With the help of you huys sponsoring we can help single parents that struggle to put their little ones  and keep the children in the safe enviroment, our centre.
I will send pictures of the little ones once we re open to show you all how happy they are. 
Thank you to all of you may God blessed and protect all of you.
Be safe.
Lots of love
DESNE ( principal of Wavecrest educare centre)
Special thank you Gabrielle and Angelica.
Hope to see you soon in South Africa.💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

Wir haben alle, ob hier in Deutschland oder noch extremer in SA einen langen Weg vor uns, bis die Lage sich entspannt.
Möge Euch und uns nicht die Puste ausgehen, weiterhin nachhaltig für das Wohl der Kleinsten in unserer Gesellschaft zu kämpfen.

Auch von unserer Seite noch einmal ein GROSSES DANKESCHÖN an alle Menschen, die das NETZWERK NOLUTHANDO bilden👍

Gabriele und Angelika